Elective Courses

Elective Courses

–                      Basic Comunication Skills in Medical Practice

–                      Modern learning methods

–                      Development and congenital anomalies of kidney

–                      First aid

–                      Impact of aerobic training on bioenergetics of heart

–                      Environment and human health

–                      Anatomical and physiological background of fitness training content

–                      Laboratory diagnostics of inflammation

–                      Clinical significance of developmental disorders of the digestive system

–                      Family in health and sickness

–                      Diagnostics, prevention and treatment of obesity

–                      Pathophysiology – nephropathy

–                      Imaging possibilities in neural and musculoskeletal injuries and diseases

–                      Disorders of remembering, learning, thinking and dementia

–                      Laparoscopic procedures in clinical practice

–                      Diseases of mucous membranes – a multidisciplinary approach

–                      Diabetes in pregnancy

–                      The eye – systemic diseases and associations

–                      Emergency in otorhinolaryngology

–                      Maritime medicine

–                      Computer assisted auscultation of the heart

–                      Basics of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face