Since the foundation of Morphology laboratory at Faculty of Medicine, University of Mostar in the year 2008 many research projects have been performed successfully. As laboratory was growing we have managed to get it equipped with instruments needed for tissue processing and analysis.

First step in the projects, with aim to determine structural and functional relationships of various cells, tissues and organs is fixation of tissue sample in proper fixative. Commonly, it is buffered solution of formaldehyde. Other fixatives may be used depending on tissue type and methodology applied in further analysis. Fixation is followed by steps that are required to prepare samples for embedding in paraffin as blocks. Once the paraffin blocks are ready, sectioning the tissue on rotary microtome is performed and each section is placed on slides. At this intersection we complete projects utilizing one or more of the following methods in our laboratory:

             Routine staining (H&E)

             Special histochemical staining

             Immunohistochemistry / Immunohistofluorescence

Besides tissue processing, we have successfully set the immunocytochemistry protocol for native and de-stained (May Grunwald-Giemsa) peripheral blood or bone marrow smears.

Also, we are in the process of buying equipment and probes with associated reagents for fluorescent in situ hybridization.

One of the projects we are engaging includes cells separation form blood of patients with Chronic lymphatic leukemia. Applied methods would include short-term primary cultures of CLL cells and flow cytometry analysis.